Description of the game

Field of Strategy (FoS) is a two-player game of strategy allowing replaying the great battles of the history.

These are the main feature of this game:

FoS is essential and fast to play. The players do not waste their time with repetitive and uninteresting actions. They only program movement for their forces, as it is the essence of the strategy. The fires, fights etc. are automatically resolved by the program according to simple rules. The simulation level is often high (unit are division or corps) and there is thus few units and few turns, which allows to play most of the scenarios in one hour or less. The unimportant details have always been removed to concentrate the players on the fundamental principles of the strategy and the tactic.
FoS is FoS is: The rules are a universal abstraction of the warfare and are independent of the era. As a consequence, it is no more necessary to read complex new rules and learn new interface for each new era.
FoS has been especially designed for play by e-mail. Only two file exchanges are required at each turn. A game can then be played in some days by e-mail. Playing with a direct TCP/IP connection or by hot seat is also possible.
FoS is open. Although all computations are made by the program, these computations are simple and can be made from memory. They are described by the program in result windows.

In addition :

FoS contains an AI opponent. The AI is simple and more "artificial" than "intelligent" but it does the job.
FoS contains a map editor, an army editor and a scenario editor. Each player can thus create his own battles or play a match with built-in armies.
All help files are available in French and in English. A tutorial is also available in French and in English.
Two distinct campaign modes are available on top of the battle mode :
- The "world conquest" mode is a kind of Risk game, with diplomacy and resource management.
- The "operational" campaign mode allows to simulate campaigns on a theater, with supply, attrition and fog of war.

What FoS is not :

A commercial program. FoS has not been developed by a team of 50 persons working all days but by a single person during his free time. There is thus no possible comparison. It has been made to play with friends and not to be distributed. However, as we think that it could interest some peoples, we have decided to distribute it freely.
Starcraft or Close combat. For the previous reason, there are no great graphics, wonderful animations and 3D kinematics that require 3 CDs. The good news is that FoS is small and can be easily downloaded. It runs on any computer with a decent CPU and with Windows (Millenium/2000/NT/XP).
A program about a given battle. If you want to simulate only the battle of Waterloo with the most precise details, tacking into account that the first division had 6154 men and not 6155, that a leader of the 36th regiment was not very motivated, that the battery X had only 459 cannonballs from which 2 were faulty and that the thickness of the back wood door of Hougoumont was 13 cm, this program is not for you.

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