This site is devoted to my programming projects concerning games of strategy

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* Main project:

FieldOfStrategy: The most advanced project. A turn- based, simple, easy to play and generic wargame. Can be played against AI, by e-mail, TCP/IP or hot seat. For the moment, only the Napoleonic, WWII and modern modules are available, but other eras will come soon. This game is a simplified version of the former ESTH project.


* Demos:

WD: A demo of a real time, full 3D game with a mix of role playing, adventure and strategy: the player incarnates a general and leads an army in an epic medieval-fantasy world. The demo is fully playable but contains just a simple tutorial. The program is only in french. The project is currently on stand-by.


WarOfMasses: A demo of a simple real-time wargame running in a Web browser and based on an original units/map representation and control system. The demo is fully playable but with just two possible battles (waterloo and Antietam). If you create an account, your score will be automatically registered on the web site. The project is currently in stand-by. 


* The old projects (no more maintained and released as is): 

ESTH: My first project. A turn-based generic wargame. A little more complicated than FieldOfStrategy but still more simple than the standard wargames. It can be play by e-mail, TCP/IP or hot seat, but there is no AI. It has served as basis for FieldOfStrategy and StrateGE. Come with several battle sets but it was not completely finished and is no more maintained. Leave here just for history, as FieldOfStrategy is now a far more advanced successor. The site is in French.

StrateGE: A very simplified and abstract version of ESTH. It is a mind game like chess, but each player can program moves for all his pieces at each turn. The terrain is in 3D and with some special squares. This game served as a test platform for AI studies. 


For all remarks or suggestion on these games, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail, or use the forum area

Also, if you want to participate to a project (designing scenarios ...), I'm looking for help


T. Pannérec